Scientific coordination

Group leader: Annick Morant Manceau

Axis 2 "Genetic Biodiversity and ecophysiology of marine organisms" includes two themes, TranspoMar andMicroMar, which have in common the study of biodiversity of marine organisms, including microalgae, and the response of organisms to environmental constraints . These themes are in continuity with the majority of previous work by the teams 2 and 3 of MMS. This line includes two themes:

1. EcoGénoMar (Moderator: Jean Luc Mouget,
The group includes seven scientists and two technicians. The research is conducted on the ecophysiology and genomics of mainly marine organisms (microalgae, invertebrates), with a cross and multidisciplinary approach. The main themes concern the study of the responses of organisms to environmental factors, the characterization of transposable elements and biomarkers of stress, biodiversity and enhancement of blue diatoms of the genus Haslea..

2. MicroMar (Moderator: Benoît Schoefs,
Microalgae respond to stressful conditions by altering their metabolism to the production of metabolites such as lipids and carotenoids. The MICROMAR group investigates the mechanisms controlling carbon metabolism in microalgae, particularly in response to abiotic stress. It is composed of nine scientists and two technicians working at the University of Maine (site of Laval and Le Mans). The competence of the team extends from transcriptome studies to the physiology of microalgae through proteomics and analysis of lipid metabolites and pigments.